Pink Poppy

Dream Time Musical Snow Globe-Pale Pink



This beautiful hand painted snowglobe makes the perfect keepsake for an infant. Gentally shake this decorative piece and watch the iridescent glitter float around a group of adorable animals journeying through a sea of dreams. Fine details are hand painted. Wind up and let the sweet musical tune of ‘It’s a Small World’ put you child asleep so they can embark on their very own journey in their dreams.. Hand crafted. Hand painted. Made from quality polyresin & glass. Suitable for ages 8+. This item is not a toy is for decorative use only. Fragile: caution when handling

Our Commitment to Children ’s Safety

Pink Poppy products go through rigorous product safety testing to meet all the international standards and are tested for safety as the number one priority, ensuring no product presents a choking hazard to children over 3 years of age and that all items are made from quality materials. This commitment extends to our packaging, providing our customers with environmentally friendly packaging where practical. Our quality management program is regularly monitored to ensure our factories are complying to all standards and regulations.

Testing is conduced through regulatory bodies such as SGS and Bureau Veritas Shenzhen Co.,Ltd., these tests include CPSIA, ASTM, EN71 and REACH. Our partners work with us to ensure that they meet all ethical sourcing controls, audit standards and ILS requirements.

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