Pink Poppy

Fashion Fairy Music Box Cupboard


This large fashion fairy music box is a practicle gift with plenty of room to store her whole jewelry collection. It features large top compartment with flocked lining to protect precious metals, three drawers for separating trinkets and a rotating hook chandelier for hanging multiple bracelets & small necklaces. Wind up for the inner fairy to dance to the tune Kinder Symphony. It also contains a full size mirror.- Flocked lining- Full size mirror- 3 x drawers- Rotating hook chandelier- Tune Kinder Symphony- Fairy figurine- Designed for ages 3-10. Size 8.5"x4.7"x10"

Our Commitment to Children ’s Safety

Pink Poppy products go through rigorous product safety testing to meet all the international standards and are tested for safety as the number one priority, ensuring no product presents a choking hazard to children over 3 years of age and that all items are made from quality materials. This commitment extends to our packaging, providing our customers with environmentally friendly packaging where practical. Our quality management program is regularly monitored to ensure our factories are complying to all standards and regulations.

Testing is conduced through regulatory bodies such as SGS and Bureau Veritas Shenzhen Co.,Ltd., these tests include CPSIA, ASTM, EN71 and REACH. Our partners work with us to ensure that they meet all ethical sourcing controls, audit standards and ILS requirements.

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